Whey Protein Benefits And Side Effects

Whey protein is the protein from whey, the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese. It is commonly used as a protein supplement.Whey protein might improve the nutrient content of the diet and also have effects on the immune system.People commonly use whey protein for improving athletic performance and…

Are Energy Drink Safe?

Shweta Mehta weighs the potential health risks of drinking energy drinks, and compares them to other sugary, caffeinated beveragesLots of people guzzle energy drinks … but are they safe? How do they compare to other caffeinated beverages like coffee?

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Naturally At Home

Dark circles, under eye puffiness, skin dryness and crows feet are some problems that make our under eyes look dark and our complexion dull. So in this video, Shweta Mehta is talking about her favorite natural ingredients that she reach’s out for when those pesky dark circles refuse to go.

Top 10 Best Dry Fruits for Weight Loss

In this video, we share the top 10 best dry fruits for weight loss. If you’re looking for healthy and nutritious snacks to help you shed pounds, you won’t want to miss this! We’ll cover the benefits of each fruit and provide some tasty recipe ideas to keep your diet interesting.

Pre Workout Supplements for Beginners

Pre-workout supplements are popularly called “pre-workouts.” These are meant to provide you with the energy to exercise. Supplements can be consumed in various ways, boosting energy levels and increasing focus. They are usually available in pills or powders.

How To Know Your Ideal Body Weight | Ideal Body Weight (IWB)

People make snap judgments about your looks, whether it’s your height, physical beauty, or weight! This is the harsh reality of life.Don’t compare yourself to the standards that others have set for you. Rather, utilize science to figure out what your optimal bodyweight is! IBW can help you determine your ‘ideal body weight’ according…


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