That handwriting tho

That handwriting tho
That handwriting tho

This one’s a classic doctor handwriting memes. We personally know no doctor whose handwriting is beautiful. Isn’t it? This is not an absolute truth. Definitely, there are doctors who have great handwriting. But they are not commonly found. Are they?

The Question arises next is, why do doctors have an inclination to poor handwriting? Research says they are too busy to concentrate on handwriting rather than saving time to provide more time to other patients. Her handwriting is less significant.

But whatever be the reason, truths are truths, and funny memes are there to find out the humor out of anything.
As soon as some noodle company took the opportunity to grab the potential market of child food, members came up with our all-time favorite Maggi noodles to compare them to the doctors unrecognizable handwriting.


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